What makes our Asset management different? 
The difference between what you think you know… and the absolute truth.



Many organisations have discrepancies in their asset registers – assets they cannot account for, assets they no longer have, or assets they are unaware they even own.


How do you know that you’re managing all your assets? 
This is the heart of asset management…


Before your business can expect to start managing return on investment in terms of assets – be they physical, IT, or software – it needs an accurate asset baseline to work from. Without this, you cannot be sure you’re managing all your assets. When asset-based decisions are driven by data that is inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete, there could be numerous unwanted implications for your business.


It is also critical that asset data be verified – and available in real time – otherwise, this could impact on the validity of reporting and decision making.


NetTrace Asset Management creates a system of checks and balances that ensure your business has the visibility it needs to better control, report on, and optimise the value of your fixed and leased assets. Every single day.


Holistic asset tracking, risk management and reporting. From cradle to grave.

A unified view - NetTrace asset management

More accurate information - NetTrace asset management

Validated information - NetTrace asset management

Rich reporting - NetTrace asset management

Completely agnostic - NetTrace asset management

“The ability to dynamically monitor our asset environment means real-time information for decision making. It empowers us to have a very different conversation with our suppliers.”

– Dr Denisha Jairam-Owthar; ICT Manager, Projects, Governance & Assets; Development Bank of Southern Africa