Why us

Choose a specialist enterprise asset management partner that is truly invested in sustainable long-term financial return on investment.
For you.


Since 1999, NetTrace (Pty) Ltd has been a recognised leader in asset lifecycle tracking and management. We provide trusted asset inventory data - reliably and cost-effectively - through innovation, automation, and persistent technology on a global scale.

We’ve always sought to offer needs-based solutions, actively choosing to develop a standalone asset management suite that’s fit-for-purpose as opposed to made-to-fit. That said, we look beyond the asset management landscape to immerse ourselves in our clients’ environments – particularly how their technology and business needs to inform and shape the intelligence and functionality required.

Staying attuned to our customers allows us to anticipate needs as they evolve and respond accordingly. Through continuous product development, supported by training and consulting services we provide sustainable and relevant solutions. We then go on to serve these with honesty and integrity.

Truly holistic and purpose-built

Often our clients’ greatest challenge is a disparate, fragmented system that lacks the integration required for end-to-end visibility. We understand how critical this visibility is to decision making. We also understand that the last thing your business needs is yet another layer of complexity.

This is why we work hard to deliver value at multiple levels within your organisation with a single integrated solution set.

We help you make sure you know what you need to know

One of our greatest drivers is to ensure your business has the truest picture of its inventories when you need it most. This requires intelligence that is up to date, accurate, audited, and verified.

We achieve this in all sorts of ways:

- eliminating duplicate asset records
- limiting disruptive human intervention
- and implementing highly automated asset monitoring management reporting.

This ‘need-to-know’ ideology has driven many of our technology decisions, like ensuring our clients have remote access to information via the cloud, intelligent data matching in relation to business information needs, our end-point data and content management development, and the implementation of tamper-proof persistence technologies.

Lead from the front

Since inception, we’ve consistently led from the front. From thought leadership to knowledge sharing. From core technical innovations to developing best practice process and systems optimisation. Our focus has always been proactive development and software improvements that reflect global trends and respond to our client needs. We are the best at what we do because that is what we think you deserve.

A solution that fits your business

From technology designed to have the lightest possible touch on network resources, to a user interface that is intuitive and simple to use – we are all about fitting in with the shape and rhythm of your organisation.

Our solutions are intentionally platform-agnostic to offer seamless compatibility with most IT hardware and software systems with minimal disruption. We don’t impose any limits regarding the size of the asset base, giving your business the flexibility to monitor and track small and very large asset infrastructures with ease.

We also allow you to engage with your ICT service provider of choice through a well- established distribution and channel reseller model.

You’re not just doing business with NetTrace

In all our years of business, we have never lost sight of how important relationships are to our success – or to yours. We value our customers tremendously and many of our long-standing clients in Government, Financial Services and Pharma have since become significant contributors towards our own customer advisory board. But we also seek out strong partnerships within our own business, from software development all the way through to our channel partner network, as well as integration with many of the major rental vendors in South Africa. The result is powerful collaboration along with a value chain of like-minded organisations – all committed to you.