Because NetTrace ensures all incoming data sets are verified and accurate at take on, this streamlines the on-boarding of new assets – and subsequently the on boarding of employees and contractors that will use them. It assists in the assignment, location, configuration and policy setting for new assets. Deployment is also the ideal opportunity to activate persistent, tamperproof security for the lifespan of IT assets.


NetTrace is well-suited for managing the on-going monitoring, maintenance, and support activities needed to ensure assets perform as expected. Designed to add value across the business, as well as throughout the asset lifecycle, NetTrace incorporates the needs and required outcomes of not just the Finance function, but also those of Operations, IT, and HR for maximum return on investment.


At the end of their useful life, all assets need to be retired or decommissioned. Planned disposal of assets – physically and financially - protects your business from operational risk and ensures sound corporate governance and compliance. Accurate and realistic total cost of ownership based on actual use of your assets are fed directly into subsequent planning phases.

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